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CC IV The original Carousal t-shirt. A white shirt with teal green lettering, the design was a simple one: the date and location were listed on the front with a dictionary definition of the Carousal on the back. $19.95
CC V A grey shirt with neon orange ink. On the back is listed the history of the first 5 Carousals with the front displaying the Catalina Carousal V date and the Carousal Butthead logo - courtesy of David Creech. $19.95
CC VI CC VI introduced Sean Cain as our T-shirt artist. Purple ink on a white shirt, Sean's first artistic contribution depicts the Beer & Bloating Guys enjoying a cold one on the beach. $19.95
CC VII The front features the Roman numeral VII and on the back is Bongo, the one eared (turgid member) rabbit from Matt Groening's "Life is Hell" giving the Carousal Salute (with his ear) to the Bathing Beauties. Purple shirt, green design. $19.95
CC VIII A reverse of the previous year's color scheme - a pastel green shirt with purple ink. The front shows the Eight Ball logo with the Carousal dates and the back. . . . $19.95
CC IX Dark blue shirt with white ink. The houseboat design shows the sort-of-a-rabbit guy and the Robert De niro from Cape Fear playing caps against two Carousers. Sean's foresight in design proved to be prophetic as the guy puking over the side of the boat turned out to represent Howie and Roland at their Carouser best!!!! $19.95
CC X Sean really came into his own with his design of the Carousal X shirt. Army green shirt with yellow ink, this classic design shows the Degeneration of a Carouser. $19.95
CC XI Possibly the best yet. This maroon and white shirt features a couple of bears who have raided the Carousal campground and are celebrating by enjoying the booty. $19.95
CC VII It's the funky rabbit guy again only nice and toasty this time in a 100% cotton sweatshirt. $25.95
CC X Black (unless you're cool enough to get one of the special edition hats in other colors) with the Carousal logo displayed prominently. Special thanks to our corporate sponsor TSA AND HAHS. $14.95
Carousal Boxers What woman could resist a Carousal stud wearing these! Come complete with built-in reuseable condom. $13.95
Carousal Negligees If the boxers don't make the moment, give her one of these. There'll be no turning down the furnace. (XX-Large size available for those swimming pool endeavors. $27.95
Carousal Party Pants Perfect for when you just can't break away from the caps game. Available only in brown. $3.95

Carousal Stuff

By Popular Demand! Carousal Stuff is also available online!

Drinking Accessories  
Carousal Coolie. An absolutely essential Carouser accessory. Keep your beer colder by using the original Koozie� can cooler. $6.95
Beer Mugs Set of four mugs guaranteed to never be empty. $34.95
Shot Glasses Set of twenty-four Carousal shot glasses. Perfect for those times when a couple of your Carousal buddies drop by. $22.95
Travel Accessories  
Carousal Duffle Bag. Our duffle bag features a large main compartment that can hold several cases of beer and a front zippered pocket with pleats. Includes both a shoulder strap and rolled carry handes. Great for going to the gym to work on your carousal hardbody (by June) or for weekend road trips! $49.95
Carousal Luggage Tag. Let every baggage handler know you're a Carouser. Black plastic tag with business card slot. A great accessory to your Carousal duffle bag. $4.95
Golf Items  
Golf Balls A 3-pack sleeve of long-flight golf balls printed with incriminating Carousal pictures. $4.95
Golf Tees 100 count pack of golf tees printed with an assortment of the classic Carousal stories. $3.95
Golf Towel This one's a must buy! A golf towel emblazoned with a picture of Roland puking off a houseboat and sceaming Howie's name at the same time. $9.95

Golf Balls / Tee Pack This convenient kit includes two Pinnacle� Gold golf balls and nine tees. Attractively packaged in a clear tube decorated with a golf motif. $11.95

Extra Stuff  
Swiss Army Knife From Victorinox�, the "original" Swiss Army knife. Loaded with functions that every Carouser needs, including a blade, scissors, nail file, bottle opener and more! Especially useful for those unplanned evening spent sleeping along the highway.$24.95
Money Clip / Greenskeeper Tool Don't leave home with one! A terrific gift for any Carouser, this handy device can clean your golf show spikes and repair ball marks on the green (Carouser golfer do not resemble Tiger Woods). Holds two ball markers and enough money to get you through the nineteenth hole.$19.95
Carousal Key Tag For the other 51 1/2 weeks of the year, this handy acrylic key tag will remind you of Carousals past and pondering those yet to come.$4.95

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