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south lake tahoe, lakeland village
june 28 - july 2, 2002

"wrong hole!"


hangin' at the condos the hiking crew don't jump!
a pose with the boat buddies the gang on the boat
hangin' topside i'm julie, your cruise director here comes that boat again
the chelsea (so much clothing!) pete getting ready to jam pete jammin' 1
pete jammin' 2 pete jammin' 3 the damage
our faithful server (the other chelsea) a sip from the gauntlet required shot #1: ken with girl
required shot #2: ugly mugs    


"saturday was a difficult day of approximately 10:00 p.m. gary and myself sat back to a game of cards....both of so drunk that we were not paying any attention to what the other one was saying. if i could have been a fly on the wall i would have heard two grown men babbling to each other about nothing completing each others sentences while disguising their voices using every accent and impression imaginable.....there you have it the highlight of my day at the carousal."

- roland

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