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north lake tahoe
tahoe taverns
june 2-5, 2005

"syphilis, shnyfilus!"

runner-up: "he's sleeping over by that rock"


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original announcement

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long ago, in the mists of time and impairment, the seed was sewn to gather, once a year, and celebrate as did our forefather vikings and victims, with much ale, competition, merry-making and flirtatious demeanor.

now, twenty years since that first gathering, we celebrate the 20th annual meeting of muckery and chaos.

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come celebrate and rekindle those friendships borne out of wine, women and song - the sounds of laughter and broken glass will once again reign under the pines of tahoe. mountain biking the flume trail, caps, bocce ball, bar-wrecking, fishing, golf, tennis, again reign under the pines of tahoe. mountain biking the flume trail, caps, bocce ball, bar-wrecking, fishing, golf, tennis, cock-blocking - it's all here.

lake tahoe was decided upon for various reasons - reasonableness of expense, easy access, etc. our goal is to get as many of the past carousers together as possible, and it was important not to financially bankrupt anyone in getting there.

we've put a hold on a few condos at>tahoe taverns. additional room info will be forthcoming.

i'm truly hoping that some of you folks that haven锟絫 been able to make a carousal in while will try to attend (phil? craig t.? simon? frank? k-bone?) - it'd be nice to get the whole gang together for this seminal event.

please talk to your wives, your girl-friends, your significant others. check your calendars. reschedule anniversaries, kid's birthday parties, office retreats. do whatever it takes to join us this one time. we only turn 20 once, folks. let all of our bones creak together as one, and let us join at the bar and remember those fleeting memories of youth and callow behavior. review amazon products for cash


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